JobRaising Challenge


“It is a new kind of philanthropic narrative to help job-creating nonprofits raise money, raise awareness and help put Americans back to work through highly engaged, cost-efficient incentive fundraising.”

Digital Media Coordinator

Coordinated the production of stories to publish on The Huffington Post to raise awareness and funding for YouthBuild USA. Engaged local program graduates, corporate funders, and movement thought leaders to write personal stories that highlight YouthBuild’s innovative career development approach.


  • $21,985 raised through
  • 12th of 217 nonprofits in 31 states and 110 cities.
  • 10 blogs published on The Huffington Post. Most of all participating organizations.

 ‘The JobRaising Challenge: Engagement, Opportunity and $1.5 Million for Jobs’ by Arianna Huffington on

‘YouthBuild, the JobRaising Challenge, and You’ on