the what works project


“The What Works Project – enables people to recognize and share what is working in the world, and to help spark a cultural shift focused on positivity and progress. Building upon the ‘GE Works’ brand platform, The What Works Project is a dynamic digital experience – that invites users to submit photos and captions of the people, places, and things working in their lives and communities.” –

Lead Strategist and Coordinator

In partnership with GE and GOOD/Corps, showcased YouthBuild USA’s widespread success in job creation. Mobilized a network of 268 local programs to upload and like a combined 10,000 photos on (now dead, boo) through Facebook and Twitter accounts in less than seven days.

Impact –

  • 11,500+ photo uploads and ❤ clicks in four days
  • $10,000 gift from GE
  • Entire $10,000 granted to the Helene D. Stoneman and Civic Leadership Program

‘YouthBuild USA has raised $10,000 in our 1st social media campaign!’ on